Introducing Freedom Coins

Simple, Secure, Transparent—1 And Backed By Land

Freedom Coins are our patented way to bypass Wall Street & put power directly in your hands. Think of it as BYOB— be your own bank. While the technology is complex, its use is very simple: buy and sell fractions of anything that you want. Tired of a bank charging you money to access your own home equity? No problem. Using Freedom Coins you can sell fractions of your own equity or buy fractions from your neighbors. Pro-rated monthly payments are distributed automatically. Buy, sell or trade coins on the open market. Here’s a demo video of
how the platform works.

2Bypass The Middleman

Gone are the days of “pay to play” insiders from Wall Street & DC dictating the rules. They can’t prevent you from owning your share of the American Dream. Tired of broker fees, commissions, and obscure tax rules? Tired of bailouts? So are we. Freedom Coins are not under centralized control of any company or government bank. They exist as a transparent and publicly owned blockchain. And their value is tied directly to parcels of land.

How does it work?3

Here are pictures from the first parcel we purchased in an Opportunity Zone. A formerly homeless (honorably discharged) veteran now pays the rent each month. Minuteman bought a fraction of the property with Freedom Coins priced @ $17.76 apiece. Now we receive rent payments back to the secured Freedom Coin QR codes we own. It all happens securely, easily, and automatically each month.

Why use Blockchain?

You Can Have Expensive Middlemen, or…

As the world witnessed in 2008, Wall Street & DC middlemen profit by separating investors & owners. Rather than change that self-serving model, they used taxpayer money to double down on it. Middleman fees cause investors— like employee pension funds— to get lower returns, while everyday owners continue to be locked out of hedge funds and other high yield asset classes.


…a Secure, Transparent, Free Market

Blockchain assumes there will always be bad actors attempting to separate owners from investors— or any two parties in a transaction. It establishes a permanent and decentralized ‘ledger’ that tracks transactions with ruthless efficiency. It cannot be hacked because it is hiding in plain sight— owned by everyone (and no one) across the world. There’s a reason it’s early use was in problematic black markets: unsavory actors don’t trust middlemen. Ironically, by applying the same ideals to legally compliant markets, owners can pay less and investors can earn more by cutting out dead weight in between. There’s a reason Wall Street bankers and DC bureaucrats don’t like blockchain: it makes them obsolete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Only if you prefer your QR codes to be engraved on physical metal (in which case, there are minimum order requirements). Most users simply use online QR code wallets that are commonly used with ethereum based cryptocurrencies. For beginners, Minuteman offers a simplified online wallet so you can see your Freedom Coin balance and the QR codes used to encrypt them.  

Our proof of concept utilizes direct ownership of a secure equity line, thereby foregoing the need for title insurance.

Multiple states have passed legislation to recognize data transacted on the blockchain as legally admissible in court. As courts and legal infrastructure catch up with tech advances, primary title can be utilized in the same platform architecture.

Secondary lines do not require authorization from the primary note holder. Additionally, if the market appetite emerges primary notes can be tokenized and purchased outright from the bank, thereby allowing token holders to receive mortgage dividends.

We believe homeowners should decide when and where to deploy their own capital.

Our platform is agnostic to the type of property to be fractionated, and properties in any location can be fractionated. The OZ tax abatements simply offer a powerful incentive to catalyze participation. Ultimately the market will allow for both types of properties to be tokenized.

We want to create a marketplace that is scalable. If we succeed in a local OZ, the same platform and model can be applied anywhere.

We have retained the country’s most experienced OZ legal team, from Sidley Austin, to structure our solutions for this issue. Preliminary Treasury regulatory guidance provides for accredited investors to ‘tack’ gains among different properties under the same QOF while continuing to meet the 5, 7, an 10 year horizons.

Dividends are auto-paid back to the electronic wallet for token holders on a monthly basis. Token investors do not need to sell their tokens to benefit from them.

Opportunity Zone Fund Tax Advantages


Capital gain taxes owed can be deferred for up to 10 years

Cost Basis Step-Up

Reduce capital gain liabilities by up to 15% with a step-up in cost basis

Tax Free Growth

Qualified investments grow capital gains tax free